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以下 ミンディさんからのメッセージです。
買い物を考えておられるかたは 以下も 考慮にいれてあげてください。

Hello, everybody

You are all important to me and I am afraid I've let some of you down recently. A close friend of 38 years died suddenly and left me as Executor for his estate. I have been overwhelmed attending to that and have neglected my own business. Many people have emailed wondering what is happening, so I felt it necessary to send this message. When the memorial service is over on January 22, I hope to return to work and restore your confidence in Healing Waters' service and communication. I have just been unable to keep up. If you want to cancel an order that has not been filled yet, please email me; I will understand. My sincere hope is that everyone will have their items by the end of the month.

--Mindy, owner
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